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Olympus TG-820 hands-on pictures

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Hands-on impressions of the Olympus TG-820 iHS rugged compact camera, which has a high resolution 1,030,000-pixel LCD.

olympus tg-820 ihs
olympus tg-820 ihs

Olympus announced its TG-820 iHS rugged compact camera just yesterday, and brought it along to show off at CP+ in Yokohama. The main reason we wanted to check it out was for its super-high resolution 1,030,000-pixel LCD, and indeed it was pretty amazingly sharp in person... as long as you were looking at a photo or viewfinder image. Unfortunately, the company doesn't seem to have optimized text and other UI elements for the screen, with icons looking quite blurry and poorly-scaled. So, this isn't exactly the Retina Display of rugged cameras. Otherwise, there's not a lot to report — it's a pretty standard entry in its class, and as you'll see from the photos Olympus didn't seem to have any qualms about us dousing it in sand and blue goop. The camera is out next month for $299.99, which might give Olympus time to create some new UI graphics.