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Pentax Q: silver limited edition, new lenses, and K mount adapter at CP+

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Pentax brought a limited-edition silver Pentax Q to CP+, along with some new lenses and a prototype K mount adapter.

silver pentax q
silver pentax q

The tiny Pentax Q is getting a limited run of 1,600 silver units in Japan next month, and, never to pass up a photo opportunity, we got our hands on one of them right here at CP+. There aren't any differences beyond the new lick of paint, but if you're buying a Pentax Q in the first place, you're unlikely to be concerned with the specs. Pentax was also showing two new lenses for the Q: a medium telephoto prime, and a "mount cap lens" that effectively turns your Q into a digital pinhole camera. Finally, we saw a prototype K mount to Q mount adapter, which is one of the less practical mirrorless solutions we've seen — the Q's miniscule sensor would mean you'd have a huge crop factor to deal with. If you've built up a stock of K mount lenses, we think the K-01 is likely to be a better bet.