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TiVo HD DVR now available for DirecTV customers nationwide

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After rolling out to a small selection of markets last year, TiVo has announced the nationwide availability of its HD DVR for DirecTV customers.

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Tivo HD DVR for DirecTV
Tivo HD DVR for DirecTV

Last December TiVo reunited with DirecTV to bring the TiVo HD DVR to a small number of test markets, and today the company has announced the set-top box is available to all DirecTV customers nationwide. The device comes with dual tuners to let subscribers record up to 100 hours of HD programming (400 hours of standard definition television), and access DirecTV's on-demand library of content, all through the TiVo interface. TiVo's Season Pass recording, enhanced search features, and "WishList" function — which automatically records all programming associated with a given search term or keyword — are also included.

DirecTV's own set-top boxes have become increasingly compelling options themselves in recent months, featuring larger storage capacites, streaming via the provider's iPad app, and a new HD user interface. For customers that love TiVo's peanut-shaped remote as much as they love DirecTV's programming, however, the expanded release should provide one more intriguing option to choose from. The TiVo HD DVR is available for order now at DirecTV's website.