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Canon ELPH CameraWindow iOS Wi-Fi app hands-on (video)

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Hands-on video impressions of Canon's ELPH 530 and CameraWindow app, which lets users transfer photos wirelessly between camera and iOS device.

canon elph 530 jeff
canon elph 530 jeff

Canon's ELPH 530, announced earlier this week, is an ultracompact with two interesting features: its tiny, 90s-retro form factor, and its accompanying app for iOS. CameraWindow works with the ELPH 530 and 320, and lets you wirelessly transfer photos between the camera and iPhone or iPad in either direction. It uses Wi-Fi, either in an ad-hoc connection or through the same connected network. We found getting the devices to talk to each other was pretty straightforward — after a few seconds to establish a connection, transferring individual photos was almost instant. The app's iPad interface is very similar to the stock Photos app, and you select, save, and delete images in much the same way. The iPad app works well, but the camera's interface isn't fantastic, with slightly convoluted menus and an unresponsive touch screen. Overall, though, we think the functionality has potential, and it'd be good to see more CameraWindow compatibility in future Canon cameras.