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Good Deal: 10 percent off all iPads and iPods on Newegg

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A coupon code from Newegg will get you 10 percent off all iPods and iPads until the end of the day or until funds for the code run out.

iPad Good Deal
iPad Good Deal

It's rare to see a discount on Apple goods, but today Newegg is offering 10 percent off all iPads and iPods with one of its coupon codes. The code is good until 11:59 PST tonight or until funds for the sale run out, and can be used on anything from an iPod Shuffle to an iPad 2. You can apply it to multiple items in an order, although there's a maximum discount of $500 — which shouldn't be an issue unless you were planning to buy ten iPads. The code is below, but you can go ahead and click through to the source link for some other Newegg coupons.

Here's the code: EMCNHNA28

Thanks to NenadaPlakat for the tip!