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The Vergecast is live at 5:30PM EST / 10:30PM GMT!

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It's the Vergecast!


It's Thursday. That can mean only one thing: a brand new Vergecast for your listening and viewing pleasure. This week's Vergecast comes chock full of hosts, news, gadgets, feelings, jokes, and stories from our youth. So sit yourselves down, strap yourselves in and come with us on a journey that will shake the very foundations of your being.

If simply being shaken to your core is not enough entertainment don't forget that you can play one of two fan-made bingo games: Verge Bingo or The Verge Bingo (honestly though, you could play both and we wouldn't tattle).

NOTE: We have noticed that our keyboard shortcuts are interacting with Chrome in a way that makes it impossible to type anything with the letter "j" in it... which is pretty annoying. If you're having that problem, you should head directly to the actual UStream page, where you'll be able to participate normally.