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Kickstarter crosses threshold as two projects hit $1 million in donations

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Kickstarter just hit a major milestone, with two of its projects reaching $1 million in donations for the very first time.

Double Fine Adventure About To Hit 1 Million Dollars
Double Fine Adventure About To Hit 1 Million Dollars

The crowd-source funding site Kickstarter has been doing remarkably well recently, giving thousands of entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their projects to life. It also just hit a major milestone: the service has now funded two million-dollar projects, both on the same day. First up was the Elevation Dock for the iPhone, which takes design cues from Apple's own aluminum unibody products. It hit $1 million in donations sometime around 1:30PM Eastern today. Following it was Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure, which hit its initial goal of $400,000 in approximately eight hours, and crossed the million-dollar mark just a short time ago. As of the writing of this post, the Elevation Dock has collected $1,052,953 in donations, with Double Fine racking up $1,028,739. While the projects were assisted by coverage from many technology sites — The Verge included — it's nevertheless an impressive indicator of the enormous collective power internet users can have when they pool their resources.