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Under one million Google TV devices in use according to Market data

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Less than one million Google TV devices are in use in homes today, based on Android Market data and analysis by Xyologic.

Sony Internet TV Google TV
Sony Internet TV Google TV

Less than one million Google TV devices are in use in homes today, according to data displayed in the Android Market. Each app listed in the Market gives a rough number of installations. Through analysing the install bases of apps that are preloaded, essential to the Google TV experience, and often irremovable, like TV and Movies or Napster, it's possible to estimate the number of devices in use — in both cases the Market shows the install base as between 500,000 and 1,000,000.

Further research by analysts Xyologic gives a more accurate indication of the number — through tracking Market activity, the company lists Napster as having 903,000 total installs, though oddly TV and Movies sits at a much lower 698,000. It's worth bearing in mind that this might not include every device, since only units upgraded to the latest version of Google TV with the Android Market will appear in these numbers. However, it does give an indication of just how few of the devices are in use.

According to data released by developers to GigaOm, approximately 70 percent of the units are Logitech's troubled Revue, which saw significant price cuts before being unceremoniously dumped by the company, with CEO Guerrino di Luca commenting that Google TV "cost [his company] dearly." Currently, Sony is the only manufacturer shipping a product with Google's OS on board, but with Vizio and LG set to join it this year, and rumors of a Nexus-like Google branded product, perhaps the future's brighter for Google TV than the numbers suggest.