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Redesigned Instapaper bookmarklet adds multi-page saving

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A new update for the Instapaper bookmarklet gives the service a full-page redesign and lets you save all the pages for multi-page articles.

Instapaper bookmarklet update multi page
Instapaper bookmarklet update multi page

Readability just released its much anticipated iOS app, and competitor Instapaper has already responded with an update of its own. The service has redesigned its "Read Later" bookmarklet, making it more visible with an overlay that covers the whole browser window, turning it dark for a brief moment while saving. According to Instapaper, the change was made because "customers would often complain that they didn't even see the old bookmarklet working." The other big addition is that you can now save all of the pages for multi-page articles — and you don't have to worry about downloading a new bookmarklet, as your current version of Instapaper will support these new features. With updates released so close together it seems that the war between Readability and Instapaper is heating up, making the the choice between "read it later" apps all the more difficult.