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Google Android apps get updated with fixes and features, including Google Wallet

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Google has issued updates for the Android versions of Wallet, Authenticator, and Google+, which add a number of security and stability fixes.

Google Wallet NFC contactless payment (1020)
Google Wallet NFC contactless payment (1020)

Google has released updates for a trio of its Android apps, with Google Wallet in particular seeing several notable changes. While both Google+ and Authenticator received security, stability, and bug fixes, Wallet has received a more robust update that includes the ability to handle PO boxes for topping up prepaid cards and fixes to rewards card syncing. The update also includes "improvements for supporting more handsets" — though there are no details on which handsets — as well as "core Wallet system fixes," which are likely related to the recent Wallet security issues that made it possible to access prepaid funds on stolen phones. Google released a fix in mid-February, but whether or not these new system fixes are additional measures is unclear.