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Anonymous releases source code for Norton AntiVirus 2006, Symantec says not to worry

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AntiSec Norton AntiVirus 2006
AntiSec Norton AntiVirus 2006

After a number of threats, hacker collective Anonymous has released what it claims is the source code for Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2006. The code was allegedly stolen, along with the source for several other Symantec products, after a security breach back in 2006. A hacker group called "YamaTough" attempted to extort money from Symantec in exchange for destroying the code back in February, and the alleged code for the company's pcAnywhere software was released on The Pirate Bay soon thereafter.

Now AntiSec, an Anonymous affiliate, has released a 1.07GB file on TPB titled "Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2006 All Platform Source Code." As with the previous release, Symantec says that it is currently analyzing the code to determine its authenticity, and has told The Inquirer that it expects the code for Norton Internet Security 2006 to be released at some point as well. However, the company has also said that users shouldn't worry, as the stolen source was "old code" and that customers "will not be at an increased risk as a result of any further disclosure related to these 2006 products."