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Samsung scores exclusive 'Angry Birds Space' content for Galaxy Note

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Samsung and Rovio have partnered to offer exclusive content for Angry Birds Space for Samsung Galaxy devices.

angry birds space samsung
angry birds space samsung

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy Note and Angry Birds Space, Samsung and Rovio have partnered to offer exclusive content for the game to all Galaxy device owners. The two companies made the announcement at SXSW, where they're showing off the game exclusively on the Galaxy Note. The Samsung-exclusive content includes a Galaxy Note-branded level, the game's first 30-level DLC pack for free, and an exclusive weapon: the Lazer Bird,

This isn't the first time Rovio has offered up exclusive content for its games on specific devices. The level-ending Mighty Eagle was offered to Nook Color owners for free whenever they were playing Angry Birds inside of a Barnes & Noble, and the web version of the game offered exclusive weapons and unlockable levels but only when playing in Chrome. So while not unique, this new Samsung deal seems to make the most sense purely from a branding standpoint. (Galaxy? Space? Get it?)

If you can stomach the thought of playing the game without a Laser Bird and having to pay for your DLC, Angry Birds Space will be available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac on March 22nd.