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Sony VP admits strategic missteps with PlayStation Move

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Sony UK vice-president Fergal Gara recently told the Official PlayStation Magazine UK that the company hadn't done as well as it could have in ensuring great game selection for the PlayStation Move peripheral, but that Sony still has high hopes for the device.

playstation move
playstation move

Sony recently announced that it had shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers — but it kept mum on the number of units actually sold. The company appears to not be too thrilled with the performance of the peripheral, with Sony UK vice-president Fergal Gara admitting to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK that Sony "could have done a much better job" in ensuring that strong Move-enabled gaming titles were available, calling the current crop "not so great" as a whole. While caveating that the Move was better suited to the "casual market," he also stated that Sony has not given up on the device, and that he has "great hope" about what Sony will be able to do with the Move going forward. However, with Microsoft's Kinect having sold 18 million units already, and Nintendo's Wii U scheduled to arrive by the end of the year, we do wonder if Sony may have already missed the Move's window of opportunity.