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Nike to unveil FuelBand developer API at SXSW hackathon

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Nike will be revealing a new API for its FuelBand athletic bracelet that will allow developers to better integrate the device with music applications.

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Earlier this week Path revealed that it would be offering integration with the Nike+ FuelBand fitness bracelet in a future update, but it appears Nike has even more in store for the device. The Next Web is reporting that the athletic company will be taking the wraps off a beta version of a new NikeFuel API at tomorrow's SXSW Managers Hack event, with Nike stating that it will assist developers "in combining music with the Nike+ FuelBand." An eight-hour hackathon oriented around digital music distribution, the Managers Hack also features involvement from Spotify, Pandora, and SoundHound. In our review of the FuelBand, we thought Nike could improve upon the device by providing a more robust software experience and incorporating stronger social integration. It appears the company plans to address both issues sooner rather than later.