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Updated Google Maps satellite images show Japan one year after the earthquake

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Google Maps has been updated with new imagery of the northeastern coast of Japan for the one year anniversary of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami that destroyed much of the area. With t

Google Maps Japan earthquake 1
Google Maps Japan earthquake 1

It was a year ago today that a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami destroyed a large swath of the northeastern coast of Japan. The area has come a long way over the past year — according to the New York Times almost all roads have been repaired — and now with updated Google Maps imagery we can get a look for ourselves to see how the recovery efforts are coming along. The images, which come from GeoEye and were taken within the past month or so, are available now in Google Maps and Google Earth. The company has offered two comparison shots with images of Shiogama Port and Minami Sanriku Town in Miyagi (reproduced above and below, respectively), but if you want to compare for yourself, go here for satellite images taken in March of last year.