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'Angry Birds Space' hands-on video: pigs in space

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Samsung and Rovio joined forces to show off 'Angry Birds Space' at SXSW. We had some time to play with it, and yes, we probably will be losing hours of our lives after it launches March 22nd.

Angry Birds Space hands-on hero
Angry Birds Space hands-on hero

Full disclosure: it wasn't until watching NASA's Angry Birds Space tutorial that we decided to drop everything and head over to Samsung's SXSW booth and check out the latest Rovio title. And to be honest, the gravitationally-inclined (and at times -disinclined) mechanic does add enough of a fresh element that we will probably be losing hours to the game later this month. That isn't to say the game is any more challenging than its predecessor — it just calls for a new way of thinking. Still, for three-star veterans, there's a Danger Zone world that's intended to be some of the hardest games the company has designed. Subjective banter, sure, but we certainly weren't having any luck in our admittedly brief playtime.

Although we played on a Galaxy Note, using the stylus was more of an impediment to our play — the blunt force (and higher coefficient of friction) of a finger just felt more natural, and given the dotted line trajectory assistance, plenty accurate. Speaking of Samsung, the exclusive content (or "egg-sclusive," as Rovio jokes) weren't available to try — not that it'd have likely influenced your choice to by a Galaxy product, anyway.