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"retina" Wallpapers for iPad


I was planning to get an iPad for quite some time and the recent Apple "the new iPad (3rd gen) " announcement got me so excited that I preordered mine right away for delivery on March 16th. I'm very excited about it. ;)

That got me thinking. To be able to get the most of this "retina" goodness I'll have to have actual high resolution images to perfectly fit that 1536x2048 display.

Example of retina vs non retina image:


Actual size comparison can be viewed here.

So, I went on a search for good, hi-res images that I could then turn into "retina" wallpapers of 2048x2048 size. There are some good sites that already have more than a few "retina" wallpapers for the new iPad:

2048x2048 wallpapers for "the new iPad" at

2048x2048 wallpaper search via google images

2560x2048 wallpapers at

2048x2048 walpapers at

"iPad 3 HD Retina Wallpapers" set from michael_toye on

Flickr "iPad wallpapers" group

"iPad 3 retina wallpaper" Flickr search

Also, I compiled a collection of some great wallpapers that I made or found so far and uploaded it online:

"iPad "retina" wallpapers (2048x2048) collection" at (click on "Image View" to see thumbnails)

I plan on updating it with more awesome wallpapers as I discover them.

Share your thoughts below. What great websites with "retina" wallpapers for the iPad have you found so far? What is your favorite iPad "retina" wallpaper?