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Chairlift's 'Met Before' interactive music video lets you change the story

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Chairlift's new music video for the song "Met Before" is interactive. You get to choose which direction you go in at certain parts and experience a different story each time.

Chairlift Met Before Music Video
Chairlift Met Before Music Video

Chairlift has come up with a good way for keeping its newest music video fresh — it lets you chose the story. The group's video for "Met Before" (directed by Jordan Fish) is interactive and depending on whether you choose to go left, right, up, or down at certain parts of the story you'll end up at a different spot, though you'll have the same song accompanying you each time. You'll start in a university lecture hall, and where you go from there is up to you. For example, that person you've "Met Before" might be a girl or guy depending on how you play it. It's not the first interactive music video we've seen, but we think it's worth your time on a Sunday evening.