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YouTube for Vizio Internet Apps now available

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Vizio is announcing that a YouTube app is now available for its Vizio Internet Apps platform.

vizio youtube internet app
vizio youtube internet app

A YouTube app is now available for Vizio's Internet Apps platform, the TV maker tweeted today. Chances are, if you were to make a list of important services for your internet-connected TV platform, YouTube would be at the top, but for whatever reason Vizio customers have been without an official app until now. This meant relying on other solutions like Flingo or Vizio's own Web Videos app to get those masses of YouTube content on the big screen. The addition of the new app fills a noticeable hole in the platform's lineup, and brings it a little closer to other platforms like Google TV, Apple TV, Samsung Apps, and LG SmartTV. While we're a little surprised this wasn't the first app out the door, it's great news for Vizio owners nonetheless.