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Gowalla finally shuts down after team moves to Facebook

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Location-sharing service Gowalla has finally shut down three months after its team announced a transition to Facebook.

gowalla shutdown
gowalla shutdown

When the Gowalla team joined Facebook back in December, we were told to expect the location-sharing service to be shut down in January. While it's kept on trucking a little longer than that, the journey's finally come to an end. Visitors to the company's homepage are greeted with the above message, letting them know of the service's demise and that their personal data will be available for download at an unspecified future date. Facebook will now make use of the Gowalla team's design talents for future internal ventures — while the social network acquired Gowalla's staff, it apparently didn't have any interest in continuing the service or making use of its data. So no, you won't be seeing Gowalla check-ins pop up on your timeline.