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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G available in 'select' T-Mobile stores on March 21st, everywhere else on March 28th

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T-Mobile has announced that its Galaxy S Blaze 4G will be available in "select" locations on March 21st and everywhere else on the 28th.

Galaxy S Blaze 4G T-Mobile 1024
Galaxy S Blaze 4G T-Mobile 1024

T-Mobile has announced today that it'll be retailing its latest Galaxy variant — the Galaxy S Blaze 4G — next Wednesday, March 21st. It'll only be available in "select" locations on that date, but the carrier's website and the remainder of its brick-and-mortar locations will pick it up a week later, March 28th. Though it's no Galaxy S II successor, the Blaze 4G makes a fitting follow-on to the Galaxy S 4G with 42Mbps support and a 3.97-inch display — a size that many still consider to be the "sweet spot" for a smartphone. If you pick it up, expect to spend $149.99 on contract.