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Spotify coming to Germany tomorrow

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Streaming music service Spotify is finally launching in Germany this week.


Streaming music service Spotify is continuing its global expansion, this time with a move into Germany. The service will be available to Germans starting tomorrow, where it will compete against existing streaming platforms like Rdio and Simfy, both of which already operate in the country. The service has been bolstered with the addition of a number of German artists, bringing the total catalog to more than 16 million songs, and the premium service will cost €9.99 ($13.13) per month. The move to Europe's biggest economy is important for Spotify, as Germany is reportedly the third largest market for music in the world, sitting behind the US and Japan after overtaking the UK last year. The addition of new markets should also help with Spotify's goal of increasing compensation for musicians on the service, which also includes a newly launched apps platform.