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Firefox 11 unoffically available for download a day ahead of release (Update: not technically final)

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The final version of Firefox 11 is available for (unofficial) download slightly ahead of schedule, offering minor feature additions and bug fixes.

Firefox logo
Firefox logo

It may not be scheduled for release until tomorrow, but a final version of Firefox 11 has snuck its way onto Download Crew and Major Geeks. Firefox 11 improves upon the recently released Firefox 10 in a few ways, but the new features are mainly incremental, which we suspect is a result of Mozilla's relatively-new six-week update cycle. Notable among those new features is the ability to import bookmarks, history, and cookies from Google Chrome and the synchronization of add-ons across computers (if you have Sync enabled, of course). Also included are a few bug fixes — Growl fans will be happy to know Firefox 11 will now work properly with Growl 1.3 and later — and several Developer features, such as SPDY protocol support to help load pages faster and a style editor for developers dealing with CSS.

It's worth noting that while these downloads are of the final release of Firefox 11, Mozilla may very well replace this version with an updated one at the last minute (in fact, there are reports saying they will do exactly that), so be wary for possible updates if you want to continue to stay on the bleeding edge.

Update: Mozilla reached out to us to clarify that these builds are not final and are still going through QA testing. Mozilla also notes that the early downloads from FTP put a strain on its servers — so all in all it's best to just hold off until tomorrow. Mozilla suggests visiting this link to grab the official download.