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Twitter acquires Posterous blogging platform, plans to keep service alive

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Twitter announced that it's purchasing blogging platform Posterous.


Publishing platform Posterous just posted on its company blog that it has been acquired by Twitter. Like Tumblr, the Posterous was built around making sharing content from around the web incredibly easy, with simple templates for sharing video, text, and other categories of content. It looks like most of the Posterous team, including engineers and product managers will be making the jump over to Twitter, and Posterous notes that its Spaces service will "remain up and running without disruption." Additionally, migration tools for users to move their content to other services are coming soon.

Twitter is increasingly highlighting other types of content, as evidenced by its most recent redesigns. The new site design adds all sorts of in-line image and video integration, and the new Discover tab brings a similar media functionality to the company's mobile apps. If Twitter's going to continue expanding media integration across its platform, today's Posterous acquisition of talent and technology should help the company grow beyond 140 characters.