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9.7-inch Lenovo IdeaTab revealed in FCC filing, rumored to launch this month

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Lenovo is working on a new 9.7-inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich that could be available as soon as this month.

IdeaTab S2109A FCC
IdeaTab S2109A FCC

An FCC filing has revealed yet another addition to Lenovo's growing catalog of tablet devices: the IdeaTab S2109A (not to be confused with the IdeaTab S2). While details are scarce, Engadget cites an unnamed source as saying that the tablet will feature a 9.7-inch IPS display with a 4:3 aspect ratio, four built-in speakers, and a Texas Instruments OMAP chip. It will reportedly also run Ice Cream Sandwich and launch by the end of March. The FCC filing doesn't reveal much else, but it does confirm that the tablet will include a wireless TI WL1281 chip — so even though the S2109A appears to be a Wi-Fi-only device, there is a chance it could include GPS functionality. And according to the FCC test report, the device used during testing was a production unit, which means that a March release doesn't seem that far fetched.