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Tag Heuer's €2,800 racing-inspired carbon fiber Android phone coming in July

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Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer's newest luxury handset is the Racer — a €2,800 racing-inspired device. The Racer will be available at Tag Heuer boutiques, mobile boutiques, and jewelry retailers in July.

tag heuer
tag heuer

Since the best smartphones are comfortably within the reach of most consumers, manufacturers really need to go the extra mile if they want to bring a premium handset to market. Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer thinks it has what it takes with the Racer — the company's latest entrant in the luxe phone game. The handset's design is clearly inspired by Formula 1 and GT racing, featuring carbon fiber and titanium elements and a shockproof rubber chassis, which Tag claims provide unparalleled torsional strength. Unfortunately, no details are available on the processor, and although Tag is claiming the "latest Android software," the four buttons and "customizable 3D user interface" make us think chances are better the handset will launch with Gingerbread.

The Racer is going to sell for €2,800 (about $3680), which means it's a good deal cheaper than Vertu's newest gold and jewel-encrusted dragon phone, but almost twice as expensive as Blackberry's Porsche-designed P'9981. The Tag Heuer Racer will be available at better luxury mobile boutiques and jewelry retailers this July.