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Dell XPS 13 touchpad driver update inbound, improves scrolling and reduces palm rejection issues

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Dell will update the XPS 13's touchpad drivers to v2.3.6.33 or better. We tested the new drivers, and they greatly improve a couple of the laptop's most annoying issues.

Gallery Photo: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook review pictures
Gallery Photo: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook review pictures

When we reviewed Dell's XPS 13 ultrabook last week, only three things held it back: an iffy display, a lightweight battery and a sluggish, buggy trackpad. Well, the last of those problems may soon be no more, as Dell's got an update on the way, and we can personally vouch that the new drivers are far more satisfactory. Presently, the XPS 13's Cypress touchpad drivers are at v2.3.6.25, and that's what you'll find on Dell's site, but we found v2.3.6.33 far faster to respond to user input and (after a quick run of a Dell-provided calibration tool) also a bit more precise. Perhaps most importantly, though, v2.3.6.33 automatically disables the trackpad after you begin typing, which keeps your palms from making the cursor jump when they brush the trackpad... though sometimes you have to wait a moment before using the cursor once again. Dell couldn't say when the new drivers will arrive, but we'll revisit our review when they do.