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'Retro City Rampage' to cost $15, developer avoiding race-to-the-bottom pricing

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Throwback game "Retro City Rampage" will cost $15 when it's released on all platforms in May, said developer Brian Provinciano. He wants to avoid a "race to the base" pricing that has taken hold of mobile gaming space.

retro city rampage screen
retro city rampage screen

We got word earlier this year that Retro City Rampage would be available for almost any game console of your choosing, and now we also know it's going to cost $15 across all platforms. In an interview with Pocket Next, the game's sole developer Brian Provinciano discussed his struggle with trying to find the pricing sweet-spot for a project he's been working on since 2004. He noted that the rise of iOS and Android — platforms that didn't even exist when he started development — has created a market so competitive and accessible that there's now a race to the bottom for pricing, giving way to a wealth of $0.99 and free-to-play titles. However, Provinciano is holding firm and thinks that a $15 launch price for Retro City Rampage is the right move.

We can't disagree with Provinciano's sentiments regarding iOS and Android game pricing, but not releasing on those platforms surely gives him a bit of breathing room. Downloadable titles on consoles and PCs generally skew to a higher price point than their mobile counterparts, and $15 for eight years of work seems fair to us. Still, Provinciano was quick to point out that if he eventually did make a title for iOS or Android, he'd have to deal with those platforms' pricing realities. If that's going to be the case, let's hope he doesn't dedicate nearly a decade to a mobile project.

Retro City Rampage is tracking for a May release, though we don't have a firm date yet. You can pre-order the PC version now.