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Barnes & Noble releases Nook Simple Touch 1.1.2 update to address Wi-Fi problems

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Barnes & Noble has released a 1.1.2 update to the Nook Simple Touch, providing minor system enhancements as well as addressing a Wi-Fi connectivity issues that some users had been having since the last software revision.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

Owners of the Nook Simple Touch have reportedly been having issues with Wi-Fi connectivity on their devices since the most recent 1.1 software update, but Barnes & Noble is addressing those concerns with the release of software version 1.1.2. While the new build is officially listed as simply providing "minor system enhancements," Engadget has confirmed with B&N that a fix for the Wi-Fi issues is indeed amongst the changes provided. The update will be rolling out as an automatic download over the coming weeks, but if you're anxious to put in on your device right away, you can download and install it manually from Barnes & Noble's website.