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Square Enix releases 'Final Fantasy III' for Android, but only in Japan

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Square Enix has released an Android version of Final Fantasy III, but only in Japan through the Square Enix Market.

final fantasy iii android
final fantasy iii android

Remember that Japan-only app store for Android that monolithic RPG publisher Square Enix announced last year? It just got a version of Final Fantasy III, but the Square Enix Market's Japanese exclusivity means that you can't get the game anywhere else. This brings back painful memories of the 16-year wait between the game's original Japanese release on the Famicom and its first officially translated version on the Nintendo DS. That 3D remake provided the foundation for its release on iOS devices last year, and the Android version looks to be much the same. It's selling for 1,400 "points" through Square Enix's convoluted pricing system, which works out at ¥1,470 (about $17.87). We're not yet sure if Square Enix has any plans to give the game a wider release, but in the meantime RPG-loving Android users feeling nostalgic for the days of import hardware could always pick up a used iPad from GameStop.