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Miselu's Neiru keyboard is an Android-powered, web-connected, social instrument

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Silicon Valley startup Miselu is showing off a web-connected, Android-powered keyboard and MIDI controller called Neiru at SXSW this week. The device features a multitouch screen on top of its 25-key keyboard.

miselu neiru
miselu neiru

The proliferation of cheap technology has made it easy for anyone to get into digital music production, and the power of mobile applications like Apple's Garage Band for iPad can make those quick compositions banged out on the road or at the bus stop sound surprisingly good. Well, Silicon Valley startup Miselu aims to take the mobile music production trend to its next logical step with an all-in-one, web-connected, Android-powered keyboard it calls Neiru. Above the device's 25-key MIDI-controlling keyboard will sit a wide, multitouch display that musicians can use to access a variety of apps and services. iOS developer Retronyms will be providing a suite of music-learning and production apps for the device if and when it launches, but since the Neiru is built on Android, Miselu is hoping that developers and users will build their own custom apps and services as well.

Don't think of the Neiru as an Android tablet with a keyboard, Android acts as more of the base for a machine that has legitimate digital music specs.The company plans to use Yamaha's Audio Engine series NSX-1 sound chip for the Neiro, which it claims can produce sound quality comparable to real instruments, and the device also looks to have a wide range of ports: two MIDI, two USB, RCA audio in and out, an SD card slot, and full-sized HDMI.

Miselu is trying hard to emphasize the social aspects of a web-connected musical instrument, and the Bandcamp window displayed in the promotional video (below) is one example of how something like the Neiro could reduce the friction between performing a song and sharing it with others. While plans for a retail release haven't been announced, the portability and social integration promised by Miselu promised by Miselu have us hoping that the company will be able to make these renders a reality.