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Fujifilm acknowledges X10 and X-S1 'white disc' issue, promises fix

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Fujifilm has acknowledge problems with the CMOS sensor in two of it's current cameras, the X10 and X-S1. The company has promised a firmware and hardware fix in the future.

Fujifilm FinePix X10
Fujifilm FinePix X10

Fujifilm has admitted that some of its CMOS sensors are not performing properly and is promising a fix in the coming months. The issue currently affects two cameras, the X10 and X-S1, and was brought forward last year when X10 users started reporting white discs overpowering strong highlights, such as bright lights in dark scenes. While we never noticed any in our review, the reports seem widespread enough that Fujifilm has decided to publicly say that something isn't quite right. dpreview received word from the company that this type of "blooming" effect is a unique characteristic of the CMOS sensor used in the cameras, and it's working on two fixes.

The first is a firmware update for the X-S1 that will be available on March 21st. However, Fujifilm issued a firmware update for the X10 in mid-February that was supposed to address the issue, but dpreview found it offered little to no improvement. The second is an updated sensor that will be available in late May, which Fujifilm claims will be a more permanent solution to the problem moving forward. Unfortunately, the company wasn't specific on about when or to whom these updates would roll out to, or if existing X10 customers will see another firmware update. Instead, Fujifilm has asked affected customers to contact their local service center.

This might leave more questions than answers for X-10 and X-1S owners who are experiencing the white orb problem, but you should take solace in the fact that Fujifilm has at least acknowledged the issue and is working to resolve it.