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New iPad unboxed: looks the same as the last one (video)

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Unboxing photos and videos of Apple's newest Wi-Fi+4G iPad have appeared on Vietnamese site Tinh tế.

ipad unboxing minh
ipad unboxing minh

While some of those with orders for Apple's new iPad are facing delays, one lucky man in Vietnam going by the name Sonlazio is already enjoying his new 16GB LTE tablet. Along with a dozen or so high-res photos, his unboxing video (below) shows the device in detail, drawing attention to the iCloud hologram on the box, the larger external lens element on the camera module, the Micro SIM tray, and the new Retina Display. While there aren't many surprises inside the box, all bets are off for what's inside the case — we know it has a full gigabyte of RAM, but we're still waiting to see how long the new battery lasts in real-world use, what changes have been made to the logic board, and what chips are packed inside.

Thanks, Minh!