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Nokia Maps now offers voice directions via the web for iOS and Android

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The mobile site for Nokia Maps has been updated to support voice directions, though right now it's only available for walking.

Nokia Maps iOS voice directions
Nokia Maps iOS voice directions

The mobile site for Nokia Maps now supports voice directions on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices — but for now, it only works with walking mode. Using the new feature is pretty simple: you go to, type in where you want to go, and then hit the play button. You'll be prompted to download a 2MB file that includes the voice directions (of course, location services will have to be enabled in the browser for it to work). From there it's simply a matter of listening to the directions as you move towards your destination. While audio directions aren't exactly new, this might be the first instance we've come across where they're available via the web, as opposed to an app. Right now the functionality is somewhat limited since it only supports walking directions, but hopefully Nokia will add support for drivers in the future as well.