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Lenovo partners with SugarSync to bring 5GB of cloud storage to PC, tablet, and phone users

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Lenovo has launched its Lenovo Cloud Storage service, a partnership with Sugarsync that sees the Chinese computer manufacturer rebranding SugarSync's service.

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Lenovo is launching its new Lenovo Cloud Storage service today, a rebranding of SugarSync's service that will provide all Lenovo PC, tablet, and phone users with 5GB of free storage space. As with SugarSync's free service, Lenovo Cloud Storage can sync data between your PC and mobile devices. However, the app support is distinctly lacking — there's only currently support for Windows and Android, while SugarSync has clients for almost every platform we can think of.

Other features available include version history, group collaboration, file sharing via social networks, and 128-bit AES encryption. The service is set to roll out worldwide, with the notable exception of Lenovo's home China. The apps are set to ship preinstalled on Lenovo's devices come April, and If 5GB doesn't sound like enough, Lenovo promises that paid upgrades are coming too. If you're itching to give it a go, Windows users can sign up now, though we can't find the mobile app just yet. It's an obvious "me-too!" when manufacturers like HTC are offering 25GB of Dropbox storage with newer devices, however we're sure that for some users, it'll be a great introduction to online storage.