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Google I/O tickets to cost twice as much as last year, go on sale March 27th at 7AM PDT

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Google I/O will be from June 27th to 29th, and tickets will go on sale to developers on March 27th at 7AM PDT for $900 each. Student pricing is available as well for $300. Tickets usually sell extremely quick, so be sure to wake up early if you want to go to the developers' conference this year.

Google I/O logo
Google I/O logo

We've seen some big changes at Google over the past few years, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Google I/O, an event that has become the company's primary showcase for its upcoming products. The developers' event has grown up along with Google, and this year the conference will cost twice as much as last year at a price of $900 per person. Registration will be opening up at 7AM PDT on March 27th, and the San Francisco-based event will now run over the course of three days, from June 27th to 29th. If that ticket price hasn't clued you in, the event now quite a bit more exclusive. Thankfully, students, professors, and faculty will be able to get into I/O for $300. Of course, you know we'll be at the event in person covering whatever the company reveals.

You'll need both a Google+ account and Google Wallet to register and pay, so if you've been avoiding those particular ecosystems, now's the the time to capitulate.