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HTC Sensation 4G and Sensation XL getting official Android 4.0 updates soon

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HTC has announced that the Sensation 4G and XL will be the next to get upgraded to Android 4.0 after the rollouts for the Sensation and Sensation XE are further along.

HTC Sensation XL
HTC Sensation XL

HTC had already announced that the Sensation 4G and Sensation XL were on its list of devices to get official upgrades to Android 4.0 (with Sense, of course), but timing had been a bit of a mystery. That's starting to come into focus with a new blog post on the company's site today: both phones will be upgraded following broad deployment of the Sensation and Sensation XE upgrades that are just now starting to roll out in select markets. Of course, carriers have a tendency to gum up the works for timely firmware updates — particularly in the US — and HTC warns that ""once we start pushing out updates it will take time for all carriers in each country to get the update."

As for the remainder of the 16 devices presently on HTC's upgrade list, the company says that it's working with carriers to draft up the timelines for those firmware pushes and that it'll be sharing more information "soon." In the meantime, though, it might be pretty difficult to resist the One S and One X.