On Rue Reaumur in Paris, France, 27 year old Dominique Leca leads a small team of engineers and one designer on a quest to build a better mail app for iPhone. A few mail clients exist (like eMailGanizer, which is ugly enough to dissuade you from using it, or Gmail, which is essentially a web app), but so far there’s been nothing to pull users away from the iPhone’s Mail app. And this was precisely the Sparrow team’s goal: make a better mail app they’d want to use on a daily basis.

Leca's language is user interface design, and he communicates through software that seems inherently more comprehensible than what you've used before. Sparrow has caught on with more than 100,000 daily users because it's simple, inspired, and most of all, practical. Sparrow for iPhone is no different, an inspired piece of software that’s near perfect.

This is the story of Sparrow.