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Nokia Lumia 900 rumored for release on April 8th at AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 rumored for release on April 8th at AT&T


Nokia may be preparing to release its Lumia 900 Windows Phone in US AT&T stores on April 8th.

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Nokia's latest Lumia Windows Phone may arrive on April 8th at US AT&T stores. Announced at CES in January, Nokia had been widely expected to launch its Lumia 900 on March 18th at a $99 price point. Not SoTechy, from our forums, says the new tentative date is April 8th, claiming they work at an AT&T store in California as an assistant manager. While we can't immediately verify the claims, we have been informed separately that Microsoft Stores are expecting shipments of Lumia 900 handsets ready for the second week of April.

AT&T has typically launched Windows Phone devices on a Sunday before a week of promotional activities. We are hearing that Microsoft will supply an exclusive app card for the Lumia 900, similar to the $25 value cards given away with other Windows Phone devices. The company is also expected to launch promotions involving Xbox consoles with its Microsoft Store Lumia 900 sales. Both Microsoft and Nokia are expected to invest heavily in national TV, print, and digital marketing, making Nokia's "rolling thunder" reentry into the US market a big one. With a rumored $99 price point and the latest Windows Phone hardware specs, Nokia's Lumia 900 may just tempt shoppers looking for an Easter bargain.