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Google+ updates photo organizer with batch moving, sorting, and deleting tools

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Google just rolled out a bunch of photo organization features for Google+ that let you sort, move, and batch delete photos.

google+ multiple photo selection organizer
google+ multiple photo selection organizer

Google+ has always had a nicer photo experience than Facebook — and with a few useful new features rolling out today, it has pulled even farther ahead. Now you can sort, move (via drag and drop), and even batch delete photos using a new feature called "Organize Album." You can select multiple photos at once, too, a feature many Google+ users have been clamoring for.

To access the new organization features, navigate to one of your Google+ albums, click Options, then click Organize Album. From there, you can select multiple photos and move, delete, re-order or sort them by date. If you'd like, you can also copy or move photos en masse to another album. Facebook has ripped off Google+ a few times before, and we'll bet advanced photo organization features are next on the list of ideas to be "inspired" by.