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Pinterest to unveil redesigned profile pages 'very soon', iPad app in the works

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Pinterest plans to push out a redesign for user profile pages as early as this week, and has also revealed plans to release an app for Apple's iPad.


Pinterest's avid userbase will soon — perhaps as early as this week — be greeted by a redesigned homepage when logging into the social photo blogging network. CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann told a SXSW panel yesterday that a primary focus of the facelift was to improve upon the community elements of Pinterest. Revised profile pages will make it easier to find other members with similar pinning habits, while also providing a method of quickly back-tracing re-pins to find the original source of a popular post. Aesthetic upgrades are en route as well, with the company setting out to give Pinterest profiles a style all their own. "We wanted to make your profile very different from the profile you might have on Facebook or Twitter," he said. "We wanted to make a snapshot of what you're about." The CEO also let loose that Pinterest will be expanding to new platforms including the iPad, though he gave no indication as to when we should expect it to arrive in the App Store.

There's better news still: Pinterest will soon be acting on feedback from its users clamoring for the ability to pin content other than photos. Though it isn't expected to be part of the imminent update (and no specific ETA was provided), Silbermann says his company will eventually allow members to share videos from Netflix, Hulu, and Vimeo on their pages. In regards to Pinterest's uneasy relationship with copyright law, Silberman emphasized that the site takes proper attribution seriously, and is constantly working to offer better tools to content rightsholders beyond those already in place.