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Vast majority of smartphone owners prefer a larger display, says Strategy Analytics

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A new report shows that almost 90 percent of those surveyed would prefer a smartphone with a bigger display.

Galaxy Nexus review photo
Galaxy Nexus review photo

The 4.65-inch display was one of our favorite features on the Galaxy Nexus, and it turns out we're not alone — a new study suggests that most smartphone owners would prefer a bigger screen. Strategy Analytics looked at a number of smartphone owners in both the US and UK and found that, when presented with the option, almost 90 percent would go for a device with a larger display. The 4-4.5-inch range was described as the "sweet spot," though the one sticking point for most users was that the device still needed to be thin. Android users were more likely to go for the bigger screens compared to iPhone owners, while more women preferred smaller devices than men. The numbers aren't exactly surprising, though it does make us wonder where the massive Galaxy Note fits into all of this.