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Samsung 'Mandel' Windows Phone with LTE earns FCC approval?

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Samsung's LTE-capable "Mandel" Windows Phone may have gotten FCC approval this week.

Samsung SGH-i667 (FCC)
Samsung SGH-i667 (FCC)

A mysterious Windows Phone that we'd originally expected to appear at CES — Samsung's so-called Mandel with LTE support — may have recently gained FCC approval, a sign that the phone could finally be on its way to announcement. The phone in the FCC's filing system is identified only as the SGH-i667, but Pocketnow notes that this model number has been previously linked to the Mandel; the "7" at the trailing end of the model number is also indicative of an AT&T-bound device, and the i667's support for AT&T-compliant LTE would line up well with that.

Mandel also skipped a potential unveiling at MWC a couple weeks ago, but Samsung opted out of a press conference altogether, opting instead to introduce its Galaxy Note 10.1 in private briefings. Will the phone — which would be just the second Windows Phone with LTE support — finally bow at CTIA in May? Considering its US focus, that could very well be the target.