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Leica M10 to be announced at Berlin event on May 10th?

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Leica is holding an event on May 10th-11th in Berlin where it promises "a whole range of product launches." There is speculation it may be for the M10, a successor to the company's M9 digital rangefinder.

leica logo
leica logo

Leica is holding a mysterious event in Berlin on May 10th-11th, where the legendary German camera manufacturer promises a "whole range of product launches." Steve Huff Photo has posted the invitation, and Huff himself has a few ideas of his own as to what may be going down. With the event to be held on May the 10th, could it be an opportune time for the company to introduce a successor to the incomparable M9 digital rangefinder? Leica's plan is apparently to release a new M-series camera every three years, which would make us due an M10 sometime in 2012.

Huff also speculates about a possible X1 successor — the APS-C compact stood largely alone back in 2009, but more recent competitors like the Fuji X100 and the rise of mirrorless cameras have left it looking overpriced and long in the tooth. While this is all conjecture for now, we're certainly excited at the prospect of new Leica products and will let you know if we hear more.