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Nikon D4 manual available to download, camera may come bundled with 16GB XQD card

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The manual for Nikon's D4 has been made available to view online five days before the camera's ship date. There are reports that the D4 is bundled with a 16GB XQD card from Sony.

Gallery Photo: Nikon D4 hands-on hardware photos
Gallery Photo: Nikon D4 hands-on hardware photos

Can't wait out the remaining days until your Nikon D4 ships? You could always make yourself as prepared as possible for the full-frame shooter's arrival by perusing the manual, which has been made available through Nikon's EU support site. It doesn't appear to contain much in the way of truly new information following our in-depth preview of the camera, but at nearly 500 pages long there's certainly a lot to digest. After all, the better you know your camera's button layout, the less you'll have to think about it before taking the picture.

In other D4 news, there are reports that the camera may come bundled with a 16GB Sony XQD card and reader. Australian sports photographer Sydney Low and Czech stock imaging agency Candybox have been lucky enough to receive their D4 packages already, and both found Sony's latest flash memory technology inside. The card would be the perfect partner, with Sony's claims that it can keep up with 100 RAW files in continuous shooting mode — considering the D4's ability to shoot 11 RAW files a second, you may well need it. While the manual does state that memory cards are sold separately, Nikon Rumors has heard the first shipment may be different. In any case, we have less than a week to find out if Nikon will be extending the same service to its non-professional customers.