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Anonymous OS is fake, 'wrapped in trojans' says AnonOps Twitter account

Anonymous OS is fake, 'wrapped in trojans' says AnonOps Twitter account


The Anonymous OS that appeared on the internet earlier this week has been dismissed by the AnonOps Twitter account as being "wrapped in trojans," a claim which the producers of the OS deny.

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A Linux-based operating system purportedly built by Anonymous launched earlier this week, with a number of "educational" applications designed to test site security preinstalled on a customized version of Ubuntu. It seemed like an odd move for an organization that has so far dedicated itself to hacking large companies and organizations, most recently focusing on Symantec. Now, the one of the Twitter accounts supposedly linked to the group has described it as a fake, and "wrapped in Trojans."

In response, Anonymous OS posted on its Tumblr account that AnonOps' comments are misleading and that "in our world, in Linux and opensource world, there is not [sic] virus." Hardly confidence-inspiring, and unlikely to reassure all but the most naïve user.

It's clear that the organization has something of a branding problem, since by virtue of being Anonymous it's very easy for other people to usurp your brand for purposes that the wider association (or in Anonymous' case, Legion) might not support. We also have to question: would you really trust a group of hackers to provide your operating system?