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Verizon acquires Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania, gains a bit more spectrum

Verizon has acquired a small Pennsylvania carrier, including all of its spectrum licenses.

Verizon Wireless Retail 1024 2
Verizon Wireless Retail 1024 2

Verizon has made headlines with its plans to buy $3.6 billion worth of spectrum — and now the carrier has announced a much smaller acquisition. Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania is now under the Verizon umbrella after being purchased from US Cellular, and though financial terms weren't disclosed, the deal includes a spectrum license that covers 114,000 Pennsylvania residents. It may not be a lot, but when you're as spectrum-constrained as Verizon claims to be, every little bit helps. Those subscribers affected by the deal won't see any changes for a few months, but Verizon says it will eventually convert its new purchase to Verizon branding. That may also include changes to calling plans and device availability, but Verizon says that everything will remain as it is "for now."