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Microsoft pokes fun at Internet Explorer in new 'browser you loved to hate' video

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Microsoft launches a new Internet Explorer marketing campaign by poking fun at its IE history.

IE you used to hate
IE you used to hate

Microsoft isn't afraid of mocking its old products anymore and today's "the browser you loved to hate" campaign is the latest example. The software maker has created a Tumblr site to mark what it describes as a "comeback" for Internet Explorer 9. The site includes tweets, quotes, and comments from around the web praising Internet Explorer 9, the company's latest web browser.

Microsoft has also created its own parody video, something it does fairly regularly internally. The video features a tech savvy individual talking to his counselor about uninstalling Internet Explorer. "This browser is ancient" and "the only thing it's good for is downloading other browsers" are amongst a number of pokes at Internet Explorer in the video, based on its varied history. "Your current browser is probably great…so keep using it," explains the Tumblr site, before pointing out that IE9 users can pin web apps like Facebook, Hotmail, and Pandora to the Windows 7 taskbar. These apps are the reason that Microsoft feels a number of Chrome and Firefox enthusiasts have started to add Internet Explorer 9 into their browsing mix. Microsoft describes the change in behavior as a comeback, but we'll leave it up to you to decide whether Internet Explorer is the browser you used to love to hate.