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Amazon Appstore celebrates its first year of 'Angry Birds'-fueled sales

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The Amazon Appstore for Android is celebrating its first year of operation and has released statistics for its top paid and free apps, which are overwhelmingly games.

Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore
Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore

Amazon's Appstore is celebrating its first full year of selling Android apps. Along with a week of sales on its bestsellers, Amazon has given us a look at what people have been buying and downloading in the past twelve months. The Appstore still offers less than a tenth of the roughly 400,000 apps available through Google Play, but it's grown significantly, from 4,000 to 31,000 titles. The store's top sellers, meanwhile, aren't exactly a surprise. The most downloaded paid app was Cut the Rope, followed by the ad-free version of Angry Birds. In free apps, Angry Birds took the top spot, with Netflix in second place. Disney's game Where's My Water? got the most five-star ratings for a paid app, while free app Blood & Glory had the most overall with 4,000 (compared to about 151,000 on Google Play.)

Unlike Google's market, which has a fairly even spread of games and other apps, the Appstore is overwhelmingly a gaming market — in fact, Netflix and Little Piano Free are the only two non-game free apps in the top ten, and every one of the top ten paid apps is a game. We also hadn't realized quite how popular Angry Birds was: fully a quarter of the top apps in both categories are from the franchise, and Angry Birds Space will likely be (ahem) catapulted onto that list soon as well. Amazon will be putting a number of its apps on sale, so keep an eye out for some forthcoming good deals.