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Hulu's web portal has a 55 percent larger screen and a cleaner UI ovrall

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Hulu and NBC Community
Hulu and NBC Community

Spring isn't for another five days, but already Hulu is tidying up its website. The big change? A video player that's 55 percent larger. The accompanying details (network, title, episode) have all been pushed under the video, too, and cleaned up alongside the more details and sharing buttons. Everything else feels about the same as before, and for many, the change won't be noticed as you quickly click from search results to fullscreen mode. Still, it's nice enough to keep you lingering on the main screen longer, which means more opportunity to interact with the sharing tools (and yes, see the banner ads). Give it a chance tonight, if you can't find a reason to use it now, there's always the new episode of Community that airs tonight and should subsequently be on Hulu tomorrow. Just saying.